Songs of the Humpback Whale Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where do Oliver and Jane long to be?

Oliver longs to be near the East Coast humpback whales. Jane longs to be back in the early years of their marriage when Oliver spoke to her about his discoveries.

2. What has become of Oliver and Jane's marriage?

Jane and her husband Oliver have grown distant. She stands by him as a dutiful wife at fundraisers for the San Diego Center for Coastal Studies but they are both unhappy.

3. Describe the story Jane tells about being ten and goose hunting with her father.

Jane remembers being ten years old when her father took her goose hunting in a cornfield early on a Saturday morning. Her father warned her to stay put under a pile of corn stalks. After an hour when the geese settle on the field, Jane cries out that she has to pee. The startled geese fly off, enraging her father. He tells Jane he could kill her. Instead, he shoots a crow and wrings its neck in front of Jane then he threatens her to keep it a secret.

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