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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 42-44.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In his second letter to Jane, about what does Joley write?
(a) His memories when he was nine and Jane was thirteen and he would sneak into her room at night while their parents fought.
(b) His memories of their trip last summer.
(c) His memories of school.
(d) His memories of when he and Jane were teenagers.

2. What does Jane do when Joley follows her to the bathroom, asking if she is okay?
(a) She pushes him away.
(b) She asks him to stay with her.
(c) She cries on his shoulder.
(d) She says she is fine.

3. After years of being unwilling to swim, what happens to Jane?
(a) She dips her toe in the water.
(b) She falls into the water.
(c) She now regains her love of the water.
(d) She almost drowns.

4. Where do Sam, Hadley, Jane, Rebecca and Joley go for a picnic and to swim?
(a) Pickerel Pond.
(b) Portage Park.
(c) Poughkeepsie Park.
(d) Pickerington Pond.

5. Where do Sam, Joley, and Hadley live?
(a) In the Big Barn.
(b) In the House Barn.
(c) In the Big House.
(d) In the Barn House.

Short Answer Questions

1. In his instructions for the next leg of the journey, where does Joley direct Jane?

2. What does Hadley explain to Rebecca about Sam?

3. What do the Cosgroves use their insurance money to do?

4. Rebecca spies on Sam and Jane who are where?

5. On the highway between the Grand Canyon and Salt Lake City, who does Jane race against?

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