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Apples - Symbolic of the forbidden fruit in Eden, these in the story appear often. Sam, Joley and Hadley tend and harvest the fruit on one of the few profitable orchards in Massachusetts.

Arlo van Cleeb's Farm - Near What Cheer, Iowa, this is famous for being the site of the September 21, 1978 crash of Midwest Airlines Flight 997.

Blue Diner, Boston - At this location in Boston, Oliver accepts the fact that he could be to blame for the breakups.

Gloucester, Massachusetts - Off the coast of this town, Mable, the three-year-old humpback whale, is caught in a gill net.

Lake Boon - This sits at the bottom of the hill of Sam Hansen's orchard.

Mt. Deception - Things are not what they seem here, where Hadley and Rebecca set up camp to share one night together.

Pickerel Pond - This place near Stow, Massachusetts, is a man-made...

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