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Prologue Rebecca November 1990 | Chapters 1-3

• Months after Jane and Rebecca run away from home, fifteen-year-old Rebecca remembers when her mother took her away from her father, is caught, and when she puts Rebecca on a plane back to her father, she is one of five survivors when the plane crashes.

• Jane and her husband Oliver have grown distant, and they are both unhappy and long to be elsewhere.

• Jane demands that Oliver be home for their daughter Rebecca's fifteenth birthday, but Oliver has committed to a whale watching expedition off the coast of South America.

• Oliver recalls trying hard to convince Jane and Rebecca to love the whales; to Oliver's dismay, Jane and Rebecca are not impressed.

• Jane tries to get something planned to celebrate Rebecca's upcoming fifteenth birthday, but Rebecca shrugs it off.

• Oliver will be on a whale expedition and will miss Rebecca's birthday.

• Oliver and...

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