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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrator states in Section 7, “Undrape! You are not guilty to me, nor stale nor” what?
(a) “Discarded.”
(b) “Hated.”
(c) “Forgotten.”
(d) “Ignored.”

2. The narrator calls out to “beat the gong of” what, in Section 23?
(a) “Victory.”
(b) “Submission.”
(c) “Failure.”
(d) “Revolt.”

3. Who is described “with grimed and hairy chests” environing the anvil in Section 12?
(a) Carpenters.
(b) Doctors.
(c) Trappers.
(d) Blacksmiths.

4. What does the butcher-boy put off, according to the narrator in Section 12?
(a) “His resting clothes.”
(b) “His working clothes.”
(c) “His killing-clothes.”
(d) “His church clothes.”

5. From where does the narrator describe following the movements of the men with sledges and hammers in the end of Section 12?
(a) “The mountain-cliff dwelling.”
(b) “The cinder-strew’d threshold.”
(c) “The freeway terminal.”
(d) “The wrecking yard.”

6. Of “these thoughts,” the narrator says “If they are not the riddle and the untying of the riddle they are” what, in Section 17?
(a) “Nothing.”
(b) “A waste of time.”
(c) “A mystery.”
(d) “Unnerving.”

7. The poet claims in Section 21 that “it is as great to be a woman as to be a man,” and that “there is nothing greater than” what?
(a) “The father of children.”
(b) “The mother of men.”
(c) “The owner of the animals.”
(d) “The cousin of the animals.”

8. The narrator claims in Section 15, “The married and unmarried children ride home to their” what?
(a) “Christmas dinner.”
(b) “Thanksgiving dinner.”
(c) “Labor Day brunch.”
(d) “Easter dinner.”

9. What adjective does the narrator use in describing the summer morning in Section 5?
(b) “Transparent.”
(c) “Retrograde.”
(d) “Boiling.”

10. The narrator claims “I do not trouble my spirit to vindicate itself or” what, in Section 20?
(a) “Be admonished.”
(b) “Be understood.”
(c) “Look to the stars.”
(d) “To confuse.”

11. What kind of boat is described “under her sky-sails” in Section 10?
(a) A destroyer.
(b) A schooner.
(c) A Yankee clipper.
(d) A Confederate frigate.

12. The narrator says that he sees “the elementary laws never” do what, in Section 20?
(a) “Conclude.”
(b) “Apologize.”
(c) “Convict.”
(d) “Improve.”

13. The narrator of the poem claims in Section 1 that “what I assume you shall” what?
(a) “Endear.”
(b) “Evade.”
(c) “Ignore.”
(d) “Assume.”

14. The narrator says in Section 13 to not call what creature “unworthy because she is not something else”?
(a) The crow.
(b) The tortoise.
(c) The eagle.
(d) The snake.

15. The narrator combines the word “respiration” with what word in Section 2?
(a) “Retaliation.”
(b) “Desperation.”
(c) “Resignation.”
(d) “Inspiration.”

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator claims to wear what as he pleases “indoors or out” in Section 20?

2. What color shirt is “the negro” wearing in Section 13?

3. Where does the narrator say the “sharp-hoof’d moose” comes from in Section 14?

4. The poet claims in Section 24, “Copulation is no more rank to me than” what is?

5. What instruments does the narrator describe playing in the opening of Section 18?

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