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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sections 49-52.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrator claims in Section 49, “I ascend from” what?
(a) “The moon.”
(b) “The depths.”
(c) “The grass.”
(d) “The mountain.”

2. The narrator claims in Section 33, “I am the hounded slave, I wince at the bite of” what?
(a) “The dogs.”
(b) “The snakes.”
(c) “The bugs.”
(d) “Man.”

3. The narrator claims in Section 26 that the “orchestra whirls me wider than” what?
(a) “Deserts spread.”
(b) “Uranus flies.”
(c) “Canyons gape.”
(d) “Mountains rise.”

4. What does the narrator bring to the runaway slave when he encounters him in Section 10?
(a) A tub of water.
(b) A bale of hay.
(c) A letter.
(d) An old dog.

5. Of “these thoughts,” the narrator says “If they are not the riddle and the untying of the riddle they are” what, in Section 17?
(a) “Nothing.”
(b) “Unnerving.”
(c) “A mystery.”
(d) “A waste of time.”

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does the narrator say in Section 40, “You seem to look for something at my hands”?

2. The narrator says in Section 25, “My voice goes after what my” what “cannot reach”?

3. Section 17 ends with the line, “This is the common air that bathes” what?

4. The narrator claims in Section 15, “The married and unmarried children ride home to their” what?

5. The poet says in Section 25, “Dazzling and tremendous how quick the sun-rise would kill me, if I could not now and always” do what?

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