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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sections 41-44.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrator of the poem claims in Section 1 that “what I assume you shall” what?
(a) “Assume.”
(b) “Ignore.”
(c) “Evade.”
(d) “Endear.”

2. What are “projected masculine, full-sized and golden” in Section 29?
(a) “Sunrises.”
(b) “Planets.”
(c) “Sunsets.”
(d) “Landscapes.”

3. What adjective does the narrator use in describing the summer morning in Section 5?
(a) “Boiling.”
(b) “Transparent.”
(d) “Retrograde.”

4. The poet begins Section 41 with the statement, “I am he bringing help for the sick as they pant on their backs, And for strong upright men I bring” what?
(a) “Anchors and bridges.”
(b) “Craters and volumes.”
(c) “Oceans and sunlight.”
(d) “Yet more needed help.”

5. The narrator says in Section 10 that while he wanders “alone in the wilds and mountains” he is amazed at his own what?
(a) “Lightness and glee.”
(b) “Wonder and reverence.”
(c) “Strife and terror.”
(d) “Questions and answers.”

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator claims “I do not trouble my spirit to vindicate itself or” what, in Section 20?

2. To what does the narrator say in Section 40, “You seem to look for something at my hands”?

3. What word does the poet describe as “a word of the modern” in Section 23?

4. Whitman writes in Section 1 of the poem that every what “belonging to me as good belongs to you”?

5. What does the butcher-boy put off, according to the narrator in Section 12?

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