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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sections 21-24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrator claims “I do not trouble my spirit to vindicate itself or” what, in Section 20?
(a) “To confuse.”
(b) “Be admonished.”
(c) “Look to the stars.”
(d) “Be understood.”

2. In Section 21, the poet claims, “I am the poet of the Body and I am the poet of the” what?
(a) “Animals.”
(b) “Mind.”
(c) “Earth.”
(d) “Soul.”

3. Which word from Section 12 means “limber” or “flexible”?
(a) Articulate.
(b) Rigid.
(c) Contralto.
(d) Lithe.

4. In describing his body in Section 3, the narrator claims, “Not an inch nor a particle of an inch is” what?
(a) “Vile.”
(b) “Immune.”
(c) “Diseased.”
(d) “Without pain.”

5. What does the narrator bring to the runaway slave when he encounters him in Section 10?
(a) A letter.
(b) A bale of hay.
(c) A tub of water.
(d) An old dog.

Short Answer Questions

1. What word used in the opening of Section 15 refers to the lowest female voice or voice part, intermediate between soprano and tenor?

2. What color shirt is “the negro” wearing in Section 13?

3. What does the butcher-boy put off, according to the narrator in Section 12?

4. The narrator says in Section 13 to not call what creature “unworthy because she is not something else”?

5. The narrator claims in Section 14, “What is commonest, cheapest, nearest, easiest, is” what?

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