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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sections 17-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the “red girl” marry in Section 10?
(a) The lumberjack.
(b) The painter.
(c) The fisherman.
(d) The trapper.

2. The “lunatic” described in Section 15 “will never sleep any more as he did in the cot” where?
(a) “In the living room.”
(b) “In his mother’s bedroom.”
(c) “In the outhouse.”
(d) “In the barn.”

3. The narrator exclaims in Section 18, “Vivas to those who have” what?
(a) “Succeed’d!”
(b) “Wonder’d!”
(c) “Fail’d!”
(d) “Love’d!.”

4. The narrator asserts in Section 20, “I know this orbit of mine cannot be swept by” what?
(a) “A carpenter’s compass.”
(b) “The moon’s rays.”
(c) “The winds of time.”
(d) “A witch’s broom.”

5. How is the girl described that accompanies the youngster “up the bushy hill” in Section 8?
(a) “Red-skinned.”
(b) “Red-eyed.”
(c) “Red-faced.”
(d) “Red-headed.”

Short Answer Questions

1. What word used in the opening of Section 15 refers to the lowest female voice or voice part, intermediate between soprano and tenor?

2. The narrator says in Section 13 to not call what creature “unworthy because she is not something else”?

3. How many horses is “the negro” driving in Section 13?

4. In the opening of Section 20, the narrator says, “Who goes there? Hankering, gross, mystical” and what?

5. What sound is the “wild gander” cited as calling out as he passes in Section 14?

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