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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sections 37-40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrator claims in Section 73, “Not a youngster is taken for” what, “but I go up too, and am tried and sentenced”?
(a) “Adultery.”
(b) “Bigotry.”
(c) “Larceny.”
(d) “Heresy.”

2. What instrument is described as “the young man’s heart’s complaint” in Section 26?
(a) The bass.
(b) The violoncello.
(c) The clarinet.
(d) The flute.

3. Who is described with the line, “Wherever he goes men and women accept and desire him” in Section 39?
(a) “The saintly priest.”
(b) “The ancient warrior.”
(c) “The friendly and flowing savage.”
(d) “The god of the shepherds.”

4. The narrator says in Section 14, “The press of my foot to the earth springs a hundred” what?
(a) “Affections.”
(b) “Prayers.”
(c) “Thoughts.”
(d) “Recollections.”

5. The poet asserts in Section 25, “Come now I will not be tantalized, you conceive too much of” what?
(a) “Beauty.”
(b) “Articulation.”
(c) “Godliness.”
(d) “Willingness.”

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator describes the judge in Section 26 as “with hands tight to the desk, his pallid lips pronouncing” what?

2. What are described as “making a rush for my veins” in Section 28?

3. By whom does the narrator say he has been “given up” in Section 28?

4. The narrator says in Section 25, “My voice goes after what my” what “cannot reach”?

5. Who “shoulder their carbines and keep watch,” according to the poet in Section 37?

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