Objects & Places from Song of Myself

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Spear of Grass

This image recurs throughout the poem, signifying nature and man's communion with himself through nature.


The narrator describes shelves, "houses and rooms" full of these objects in the beginning of Section 2.


In Section 8, the poem's narrator describes "the little one" as sleeping in this location.

The Country Barn

Section 9 of the poem describes this building with its big doors "open and ready."

Yankee Clipper

This vessel is described in Section 10 as cutting through "the sparkle and scud."


According to the narrator in Section 12, these are what the "butcher-boy puts off."

Blue Shirt

This item of apparel is worn by "the negro" who drives his horses in Section 13.

Organ Loft

This location is where the "pure contralto" is said to sing in Section 15.


Months of the year are compared to these objects in Section 20.

Morning Glory

The poet claims in Section 24 that...

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