Song of Myself Character Descriptions

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The Child

In Section 6 of the poem, this character asks "What is the grass?"

The Red-Faced Girl

This character accompanies “the youngster,” turning "aside up the bushy hill" in Section 8 of the poem.

Boatmen and Clam-Diggers

These characters are described as spending time with the narrator "round the chowder-kettle" in Section 10.

The Red Girl

This character marries the trapper in Section 10 of the poem.

The Runaway Slave

The narrator cares for this character for a week before he departs on his way north in Section 10.

The Butcher Boy

This character "puts off his killing-clothes, or sharpens his knife at the stall in the market," in Section 12.


These characters are described as having "grimed and hairy chests" in Section 12 of the poem.

The Negro

This character is described in Section 13 as holding "the reins of his four horses" and driving the "long dray of the stone-yard."

The Lunatic

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