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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bobby invite Krishna to get the manuscript with him?

2. Who invented natural cures for Das' disease?

3. How does Bobby describe the Kali poem to Das?

4. What does Bobby see in the eyes of the man in the dark room?

5. When did Das start to get sick?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bobby to to overcome the darkness of Kali when he is with Amrita?

2. What makes Bobby so angry when he is loaded into a green van?

3. How is Kali born according to Das' manuscript?

4. What does Bobby do when he gets to the Calcutta Airport alone?

5. How does Das die the second time?

6. What kind of hoops does Bobby have to jump through to get Victoria's body home?

7. How does Das discuss the Song of Kali in his manuscript?

8. What does Bobby dream about after reading Das' manuscript?

9. What is symbolic about Bobby placing Victoria's body in the transport coffin?

10. What monetary advice does the rickshaw driver give to Amrita?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Bobby endures many different trials before the end of the book. What are some of these trials and what lessons does he learn through these experiences?

Essay Topic 2

What are some things about India that differ greatly from the US, and how did these differences affect this plot?

Essay Topic 3

Sacrifice was a theme that was very prevalent in this book. Who were the characters most affected by this theme, and how did they allow sacrifice to change their lives?

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