Song of Kali Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is Bobby planning to go to India?

Bobby is planning to take a trip to Calcutta, India to pick up some newly found materials by a poet that was considered dead.

2. Why is Bobby the one being sent to India?

Bobby is being sent to India to try and interview the supposedly dead poet M. Das, because Bobby is something of an expert on Bengali poetry.

3. What does Abe say is different about the recent postings of an Indian poet?

After reading some of the new material supposedly written by M. Das, Abe says that it is far different from his earlier writings as it is more violent and sexual in nature rather than soft and lyrical.

4. Why was Abe in Calcutta once before?

Abe went to Calcutta at one point in his life because he was a reporter covering the hunger fast of Gandhi.

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