Objects & Places from Song of Kali

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Calcutta, India

The primary setting for the novel.

Bengali Writers' Union

The professional association that contacts a magazine about publishing newly-discovered materials from the pen of a supposedly deceased poet.

Exeter, NH

The town closest to narrator Robert C. Bobby and Amrita Luczak's home.

Harper's Magazine

America's premier literary publication since before the Civil War.


A beautiful, terrifying Hindu goddess who is associated with death, violence, and sexuality.

Kapalika Society

The most notorious of the gangs that rule and terrorize large parts of an Indian metropolis.

Nailu Infectious Diseases Hospital

An institution that is the second place where Sanjay and Muktananandaji seek bodies for their initiation into a strange group.

Oberoi Hotel

This is where the Luczaks stay while in India.

Other Voices

A ten-year-old literary magazine that is published quarterly by Abraham Abe Bronstein.

Sassoon Morgue

This stands behind two stone lions and a locked gate...

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