Song of Kali Character Descriptions

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Robert C. (Bobby) Luczak

This character is an obscure poet writing for Harper's magazine.

Amrita D. Luczak

This character emigrates at age seven to England. Her father is an engineer.

M. Das

This character is India's most renowned poet who disappears after his father's funeral.

Kamakhya Bharati

This character has shoulder-length, jet-black hair, an oval face, sensual lips, and huge and penetrating eyes who snatches a baby at one point.

Abraham (Abe) Bronstein

This character is the editor of a small literary magazine, Other Voices.

Michael Leonard Chatterjee

This character is a prominent member of the Bengali Writers' Union in Calcutta, India.

Sugata and Devi Chowdury

These characters are found at the Calcutta airport in possession of the newly-deceased remains of a person.

Mr. Gupta

This character is the Director of the Bengali Writers' Union and is a tall, middle-aged man with a thin face, massive overbite, and...

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