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Chapter 1

• Abe, a magazine editor for Harper, is trying to talk Bobby, a writer, out of going to Calcutta on a trip paid for by the magazine.

• Bobby is planning to go and get some newly found material from M. Das - a poet that was thought dead.
• Abe calls Calcutta a scary place saying last time he was there; he saw a child sacrificed to open a new bridge.

• Abe was there as a reporter covering Gandhi's fast.

• Bobby refuses to cancel his trip and plans to take his Indian born wife as a translator, and their infant daughter, Victoria.

Chapter 2

• Amrita and Bobby talk about the trip on the porch while Amrita nurses Victoria.

• Bobby talks about how extraordinary his daughter is compared to other babies.
• While making love the night before the trip, a cloud covers the moon making everything dark, which frightens Bobby.

• We...

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