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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A community citizen is given his or her own dwelling only after what event occurs?
(a) Assignment of a Newchild.
(b) Assignment of a job.
(c) Assignment of a gender.
(d) Assignment of a spouse.

2. What information does Claire's nametag contain besides her name?
(a) The words Hatchery Assistant.
(b) Her status as a former Birthmother.
(c) Her blood type.
(d) Her age.

3. What reason does Claire give for her son's lack of distress upon her departure?
(a) He loves the male Nurturer.
(b) He has not formed attachments to anyone.
(c) He knows she will be back.
(d) He knows his mother would never leave him permanently.

4. In an attempt to make the family's least favorite meal sound more appealing, what does Claire's mother say every time it arrives?
(a) Its arrival means that at least they will not have it for another month.
(b) Its arrival means they will have a good dessert.
(c) It is better than nothing.
(d) It is high in vitamin D.

5. What label is affixed to the door that Claire finally sees Jonas enter the day she follows him?
(a) Hatchery Laboratory.
(b) Bicycle Repair.
(c) Annex.
(d) Nurturing Center.

Short Answer Questions

1. What keeps Claire from asking the boat worker the questions she would like to ask him about Elsewhere?

2. What is the name of the male Nurturer's daughter?

3. What kind of noise is made that summons everyone at the Fish Hatchery to the evening meal?

4. The male Nurturer teaches Claire's son to respond in what way whenever Claire says bye-bye?

5. What adjective does the receptionist at the Nurturing Center use to describe Sophia?

Short Essay Questions

1. What criterion does Claire give regarding how the Fish Hatchery had been chosen as her workplace and how does the criterion differ from others who work at the Fish Hatchery alongside her?

2. Recognizing that she cannot ask for Sophia outright at the Nurturing Center, what does Claire say to the receptionist when she arrives?

3. What reason does the narrator give for all of the Fish Hatchery workers being fond of the director, Dimitri?

4. What change does Claire see in Jonas between the time she sees him racing another boy on his bicycle and the time she sees him walking alone along the river?

5. What are the elements of Claire's plan to find Sophia, her acquaintance who has a job at the Nurturing Center where Claire's son is being held, and how does it work out?

6. What is the consequence of Claire's Task being different from those of the other Birthmothers?

7. How does Claire feel about her work at the Fish Hatchery?

8. Upon finally seeing Marie on the boat, what questions arise in Claire's mind?

9. From what building does Claire avert her eyes on her walk from the Birthmother Dormitory to the Fish Hatchery, and why?

10. What does Claire realize during breakfast one day when she sees the other Fish Hatchery workers cleaning up their tables and getting ready to begin work?

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