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1. What sets the birth of Claire's Product apart from those of the other Birthmothers in her dormitory?

Claire has difficulty during labor, so she is eventually anesthetized and is given a Caesarean section in order to extract the Product. The only hint of this, however, is the wound on her belly that none of the other Birthmothers have. The Vessels are clearly not told anything that is not strictly necessary from the point of view of the community leaders.

2. What is the consequence of Claire's Task being different from those of the other Birthmothers?

When Claire has difficulty during labor and is given a Caesarean section, she is no longer viewed as a "viable" (15) Birthmother. She is then told she has been decertified as a Vessel. Though the people who tell her are kind, they neglect to answer most of her questions, instead just insisting that what is happening is not her fault and that she will be fine.

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