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Lesson 1 (from Book One: Chapters 1-8)


Students will analyze how Lois Lowry brings together elements within the exposition stage of the plot arc to set up a complex world that will serve multiple functions as the novel Son progresses.

Plot development is an incredibly important and multifaceted element of any dystopian novel, and Lois Lowry's novel Son is no exception. In particular, the exposition stage of the plot arc must be effective in getting across to the reader an array of different characters, their personalities, their habits, their quirks, and any other information useful to setting up the dystopian world imagined by the author. By analyzing the exposition phase, students can gain a greater understanding of how the exposition phase works and the purpose an author has when including certain elements in the exposition phase.


Class Discussion: What are the five stages within a narrative's plot development arc? What is the...

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