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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 30-55.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jimmy expect from Cookie's news?
(a) That his father has come for him.
(b) That he is going to be sent to detention.
(c) That someone is going to complain about his attendance.
(d) That he is going to be expelled.

2. What is Jimmy's response to the move to Chicago?
(a) He is terrified and does not want to go.
(b) He does not fight it.
(c) He is hesitant and frightened, but does not feel he can stand up for himself.
(d) He is ready to go, without any regrets.

3. Who does Crab say fingered him for the crime?
(a) Rydell.
(b) Kiplinger.
(c) Terlihy.
(d) O'Brien.

4. What does Mama Jean say when she comes in?
(a) She is upset, and runs out.
(b) She is apologetic that Jimmy hasn't been going to school.
(c) She is glad to see Crab.
(d) She is afraid of the man with Jimmy.

5. How does Jimmy find out who the man is?
(a) He interrogates him.
(b) He is told by the principal.
(c) He sees his driver's license.
(d) He compares his face to some pictures Mama Jean has.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cookie tell Jimmy?

2. Where does Crab appear from?

3. What do Jimmy and Crab eat when they stop?

4. Where was Crab before he was released from prison?

5. Where is Jimmy sent when he arrives at school?

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