Objects & Places from Somewhere in the Darkness

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This is the musical instrument Crab plays.


This is a pill Crab takes for his sore back.

Hidden Money

This is something Mama Jean gave Jimmy.

Stolen Car

This is the thing Crab takes Jimmy out of New York City in.

Rental Car

This is something Crab gets with a stolen credit card.

Pay phone

This is the place where Jimmy gets in touch with Mama Jean.


This is a place where Crab was once forbidden to sit.

Rooming House

This is where Jimmy and Crab stay in Chicago.


This is where Crab is taken when he is caught by the police.

New York City

This is where Jimmy lives with a family friend, Mama Jean.


This is where Crab visits with Mavis, an old girlfriend.


This is where Crab grew up.

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