Somewhere in the Darkness Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Pages 1-29

• Jimmy wakes up in the house where he lives with Mama Jean.
• He gets himself to school for the first time in weeks.
• In school, he is dismissed early because the students have been taking achievement tests.
• When Jimmy finds out that a man has been looking for him, he thinks it is about his absences from school.
• The man turns out to be his father, and Jimmy confirms this by consulting some pictures he has.
• Crab (his father) says that he has a job in Chicago. and wants to take Jimmy there with him.

Pages 30-55

• Mama Jean packs Jimmy's things, and Jimmy does not resist his father's decision.
• On his way out the door, Jimmy gets $50 from Mama Jean, in case he has to come back.
• When Jimmy wakes up in the car, he is alone on the side of the road.
• Crab comes...

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