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Judith McNaught
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what request by Alexandra does Jordan agree?
(a) To stay at Alexandra's cousin's house for the night.
(b) To give the boy money to buy food.
(c) To take a puppy.
(d) To find a doctor for the boy.

2. What has Jordan done in response to Alexandra seeking him out?
(a) He hasn't been told she is seeking him.
(b) He has not made himself available.
(c) He is sorry that he had to go to London.
(d) He is obeying the wishes of the Dowager not to see her yet.

3. What does Alexandra think is unfair?
(a) That women cannot wear comfortable clothes like men.
(b) That she is having to leave her home at such a young age.
(c) That she is married to someone she does not love.
(d) That she cannot ride on a horse astride.

4. What is one thing Alexandra points out to Jordan about them?
(a) They are not of the same religious faith.
(b) They are both stubborn, which will make for a bad marriage.
(c) They are not in love.
(d) They are of two different social classes.

5. Where does Alexandra land as she flies off the horse?
(a) Into Jordan.
(b) Against an oak tree.
(c) Into the creek.
(d) On one of the brigands.

6. What does Jordan think about the idea of seducing Alexandra?
(a) He feels excited about the idea.
(b) It is like seducing a child.
(c) He thinks it will not be much of a challenge.
(d) It repulses him.

7. What does Jordan decide concerning his actions with married women?
(a) He won't have sex with married women any more.
(b) He will only have sex with a married woman if her husband agrees to it.
(c) He will be more respectful to elderly married women.
(d) He will start trying to meet married women in safer places for sex.

8. What does Jordan think as far as having sex with Alexandra?
(a) He hopes she will initiate the process.
(b) He will only do so to get an heir.
(c) He won't for a year or so.
(d) He will that night.

9. What does Alexandra do after she recovers from her fall off her horse.
(a) Smacks the one bandit with the flat of her sword.
(b) Takes off her helm.
(c) Shoots and kills one brigand.
(d) Nothing.

10. What does Alexandra's mother say is the problem about her daughter saving Jordan's life?
(a) There is no problem.
(b) Her fiance ended the engagement because he does not want a warrior for a wife.
(c) She is having nightmares.
(d) Her reputation is ruined.

11. For how long has Alexandra tried speaking with Jordan?
(a) 3 days.
(b) A week.
(c) 1 day.
(d) A week and a half.

12. What happens as Alexandra is bearing down to help Jordan?
(a) The horse trips on a big tree root.
(b) The wolf scares the horse.
(c) One of the brigands shoots at her.
(d) The disgruntled husband yells at her to stay out of the fight.

13. How does Alexandra fare during the night after learning of Jordan's fate?
(a) She does not sleep at all.
(b) She comes in and out of nightmares.
(c) She sleeps well since the doctor gave her a sleeping potion.
(d) She had not really known him long enough to be terribly upset.

14. What does Alexandra think of Hawthorne?
(a) It is quite dated and old.
(b) It is the most beautiful and impressive estate Alexandra has ever seen.
(c) Is is little more than a small country squire's estate.
(d) It is quite modern and interesting.

15. What happens when Jordan goes out to buy cigars?
(a) He meets up with his cousin and best friend.
(b) He is attacked and knocked unconscious.
(c) He cannot find any shops open that late.
(d) He gets involved in a dice game.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Alexandra reply to Jordan telling her not to worry?

2. Where is a soiree to take place soon?

3. What does Jordan realize about his mother?

4. Why didn't Jordan ask for Elizabeth's hand in marriage?

5. Where do Jordan and Alexandra stop that night?

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