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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapters 36, 37, and 38.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Jim and Will hear talking?
(a) Miss Foley and Mr. Halloway
(b) Mr. Coogar and Mr. Tetley
(c) Miss Foley and Mr. Coogar
(d) Mr. Dark and Mr. Coogar

2. What does Mr. Halloway think that Jim will always see coming?
(a) The women
(b) The jobs
(c) The blows
(d) The chances

3. How do women ensure their immortality?
(a) Through death
(b) Through laughter
(c) Through birth
(d) Through love

4. What color hair does Mr. Coogar have?
(a) Purple
(b) Red
(c) Brown
(d) Black

5. What wakes Jim and Will up?
(a) Music
(b) A train
(c) Laughter
(d) Screams

Short Answer Questions

1. What is on Hickory Street?

2. Where does the five-year-old boy drop his gum?

3. What do Jim and Will see flying above the train?

4. What do Will and Jim check out in Chapter 15?

5. What attraction does Miss Foley go to?

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