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Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of this section, what impelled Kurosawa to walk out on the studio?

2. How did young Akira look different than his brother?

3. How did Kurosawa learn of Japan's defeat in the war?

4. What term does Kurosawa use to describe the Japanese censors in A Bitter War?

5. What does Kurosawa admit he suffers from at the very end of SOMETHING LIKE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY?

Short Essay Questions

1. What terrible experience does Kurosawa relate at the end of An Alleyway in the Floating World?

2. How did Kurosawa end up directing Sugata Sanshiro?

3. What demands did Kurosawa make of his actresses in The Most Beautiful?

4. What was the talent like at the PCL?

5. How did Kurosawa meet a famous American director without knowing it?

6. What character flaw does Akira Kurosawa admit to at the end of Something Like an Autobiography?

7. Describe the incident with the censor and the gate?

8. How did Akira become disillusioned with the Proletariat Artists League?

9. What was Kurosawa trying to evoke, visually, with Rashomon?

10. How did One Wonderful Sunday reunite Akira and Mr. Tachikawa?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout much of the book, young Akira has difficulty choosing to take a stand, leading to his being called a crybaby, a coward, and a weakling. Write an essay about inaction in Something Like and Autobiography. How does Akira fail to stand up to a tyrannical teacher in his school when given the chance? Discuss how the War affords him many opportunities not to act. How, as a result of his brother's suicide, does Kurosawa nearly choose not to get into film.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout SOMETHING LIKE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Akira Kurosawa finds his way through the film industry with contemporaries. Write an essay about three individuals of approximate age to his. How did each affect his decisions regarding the career of filmmaking? To what extent is each a collaborator and a foil to him? Does he break company with any of them? If so, what is the reason for this parting, and how does it affect Akira?

Part 1) Akira's brother.

Part 2) Uekusa.

Part 3) Mifune Toshiro.

Essay Topic 3

Akira Kurosawa's development over the course of the book is defined not only by the growing experiences that allow him to improve himself. Unfortunate and often tragic events allow him the ability to develop in their own way. Write an essay about three such events:

Part 1) What is Akira's experience during the Great Kanto Earthquake? How old was he at this point, and what cruel realities did he learn from it? Discuss not only the initial damage from the quake itself but also the human violence that followed. Why did Akira's brother force him to observe the carnage?

Part 2) Why does Akira's brother commit suicide? Discuss how this moment - occurring at a crossroads in the author's life - affects the direction of Akira's career? What was his brother's connection to the film industry, and how did this connection precipitate his suicide?

Part 3) Discuss Akira Kurosawa's involvement in the Second World War. Why did he not fight in the Pacific? What were his feelings toward his nation's imperialist actions, and what did he do about them? What was the affect of defeat on Akira? How did his concept of nation change overnight?

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