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Short Answer Questions

1. In A Coward and A Weakling, what position was Akira given at the League newspaper?

2. Who did Uekusa and Akira base the antagonist of The Drunken Angel on?

3. What is The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail based on?

4. After the war, what did Akira make a conscious effort to learn about?

5. What emotion did Mifune Toshiro choose to present in his audition from Akira Kurosawa?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Yanamoto help Akira grow as a director?

2. What was Kurosawa trying to evoke, visually, with Rashomon?

3. How did Kurosawa end up directing Sugata Sanshiro?

4. Describe Kurosawa's relationship with Japanese censors.

5. What character flaw does Akira Kurosawa admit to at the end of Something Like an Autobiography?

6. How did an army major and Akira Kurosawa come to an agreement regarding cutting a scene from one of his films?

7. What terrible experience does Kurosawa relate at the end of An Alleyway in the Floating World?

8. How did Akira's brother die?

9. What controversy does Kurosawa have filming a night scene in Sugata Sanshiro?

10. What was the break from the Toho, and how did it affect Kurosawa?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout much of the book, young Akira has difficulty choosing to take a stand, leading to his being called a crybaby, a coward, and a weakling. Write an essay about inaction in Something Like and Autobiography. How does Akira fail to stand up to a tyrannical teacher in his school when given the chance? Discuss how the War affords him many opportunities not to act. How, as a result of his brother's suicide, does Kurosawa nearly choose not to get into film.

Essay Topic 2

In SOMETHING LIKE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Kurosawa spends quite a bit of time discussing the techniques and virtues of Kajiro Yamamoto. Write an essay about these techniques. How does Kurosawa describe a Yanamoto set? To what extent is Yanamoto as concerned about the professional development of his assistants as he is about the quality of the film he is making? What special duties did Yanamoto give young men like Akira?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about the relationship between Uekusa and Akira Kurosawa in the book. To what extent does Akira represent the intellect and Uekusa the heart? What romantic and foolhardy exploits does Uekusa undertake at a young age? Does he succeed in any of them? How does Akira deal with girls and danger at this same age? What professional relationship develops between these two men later?

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