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Short Answer Questions

1. In what time period does Rashomon take place?

2. In what year did Kurosawa begin shooting Sugata Sanshiro?

3. In A Coward and A Weakling, why was Akira arrest?

4. Which of Akira's family members died during the filming of The Drunken Angel?

5. What innovation made One Wonderful Sunday a sensation in Paris?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the break from the Toho, and how did it affect Kurosawa?

2. What controversy does Kurosawa have filming a night scene in Sugata Sanshiro?

3. How did Akira become disillusioned with the Proletariat Artists League?

4. What character flaw does Akira Kurosawa admit to at the end of Something Like an Autobiography?

5. What was the talent like at the PCL?

6. How did Kurosawa meet a famous American director without knowing it?

7. How did One Wonderful Sunday reunite Akira and Mr. Tachikawa?

8. How is Akira Kurosawa angered by the state of Japan's film industry?

9. What was Akira's editing experience under Yanamoto?

10. What demands did Kurosawa make of his actresses in The Most Beautiful?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the events of SOMETHING LIKE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Akira Kurosawa is clearly a city boy. From time to time, he goes to the country, and the experience is always one of growth for him. Wirte an essay about these trips and how they help him grow into an adult. How does Kurosawa's first experience with sake at his father's childhood home turn out? Why does his father later send him to Toyokaya Village? What role does the country play in the films of Akira's early career?

Essay Topic 2

In the opening chapters of the book, Akira discusses the long days of school and activities he had as a pre-adolescent. Each of these extracurricular activities explains something about Akira's passions and attitudes toward the world. Write a three-part essay about these activities:

Part 1) How did Akira get involved in the kendo class? To what extent was his inclusion in the class something of a victory, one that refuted the assertion that he was a weakling? What other duties came with kendo? How did Akira eventually find his training put to good use?

Part 2) What was Akira's attitude toward his calligraphy lessons? Discuss why Akira's father was so insistent that his son take them. What about the calligraphy tutor was subpar or unhelpful, and how did the author deal with these classes? How did he eventually get out of them?

Part 3) Why was Mr. Tachikawa's house the last stop on Akira's itinerary every day? What was the significance of this visit, and why was it something that the author looked forward to all day? What function did Mr. Tachikawa serve in Akira's life?

Essay Topic 3

Akira Kurosawa spends a large portion of SOMETHING LIKE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY discussing his difficulties in class. Write an essay about these shortcomings and how he does or does not overcome them. What role did both his kendo instructor and Mr. Iwamatsu have in improving his performance in certain arenas? How did Kurosawa fair when military training was introduced into the curriculum? Was he able to overcome his incompetence in this realm?

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