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Short Answer Questions

1. Why was young Akira sent to Toyokawa Village?

2. What new aspect of the curriculum was added to Akira's life in fifth grade?

3. In Honor and Revere, what exam did Kurosawa get 100 percent on?

4. What was different about the way Mr. Tachikawa taught art at Kuroda?

5. The mean nickname the children gave Kurosawa at Morimura Gakuen implied that he had tears large as what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What romantic gesture did Uekusa attempt at sixteen?

2. Why does Akira Kurosawa not understand the concept of hometowns?

3. What importance does Kurosawa place on mentors in Honor and Revere?

4. Why was Akira sent to Toyokawa Village by his father?

5. How did the earthquake provide an opportunity for violence in Tokyo?

6. Describe the memories of sound that Kurosawa describes at the end of this section?

7. What bad relationship did Akira develop at Keika Middle School?

8. How was Akira Kurosawa introduced to film at an early age?

9. Describe young Akira Kurosawa' daily schedule.

10. In Honor and Revere, how did Akira improve his math skills?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Akira Kurosawa's SOMETHING LIKE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY deals with the author's transition from insecure child to confident - even egotistical - adult. Write an essay about three defining and transforming moments in this transition:

Part 1) Akira is a crybaby and a weakling when he enters Mr. Tachikawa's class. What talents and opportunities does Mr. Tachikawa's instruction open up to him? How does Mr. Tachikawa empower both Akira and Uekusa? How does the teacher remain a fixture in the author's life for decades following?

Part 2) What are Akira's faults and weaknesses when Mr. Iwamatsu becomes his teacher? How does Mr. Iwamatsu foster his desire to learn in the midst of a rebellious phase? How does the author's skills improve over the course of his time with this teacher?

Part 3) How does Kajiro Yamamoto prove pivotal to the author's development as an artist? What role does Akira play on Kajiro Yamamoto's sets? Discuss the film skills that Akira develops under this director and how Yamamoto continues to play a role in his life.

Essay Topic 2

Akira Kurosawa's development over the course of the book is defined not only by the growing experiences that allow him to improve himself. Unfortunate and often tragic events allow him the ability to develop in their own way. Write an essay about three such events:

Part 1) What is Akira's experience during the Great Kanto Earthquake? How old was he at this point, and what cruel realities did he learn from it? Discuss not only the initial damage from the quake itself but also the human violence that followed. Why did Akira's brother force him to observe the carnage?

Part 2) Why does Akira's brother commit suicide? Discuss how this moment - occurring at a crossroads in the author's life - affects the direction of Akira's career? What was his brother's connection to the film industry, and how did this connection precipitate his suicide?

Part 3) Discuss Akira Kurosawa's involvement in the Second World War. Why did he not fight in the Pacific? What were his feelings toward his nation's imperialist actions, and what did he do about them? What was the affect of defeat on Akira? How did his concept of nation change overnight?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about the relationship Akira has with his older brother. When the author is young and considered a crybaby, what pointed differences exist between him and his brother? How does his brother toughen him up at this age, and what other tactics does his brother use to make him tougher over the years that follow? how does the relationship develop in the years leading to Akira's brother's suicide? What similarities between them become clear only after the brother's death?

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