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Short Answer Questions

1. Who sent Akira to Toyokawa Village for the summer after his fifth grade year?

2. In Calligraphy, what is Kurosawa's feeling about his childhood teacher?

3. What ridiculous order did Kurosawa give his platoon as leader?

4. What item that a doctor ordered Togashi to eat does Akira Kurosawa blame for her death?

5. What did the Kendo instructor at Kurosawa's school do that ingratiated him to Kurosawa?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kurosawa compare his parents' personalities in Kendo?

2. How was Akira Kurosawa introduced to film at an early age?

3. Describe Akira's relationship with Aunt Togashi.

4. In Honor and Revere, how did Akira improve his math skills?

5. How was Kurosawa nearly killed on the way to school in this section?

6. How did young Uekusa prove foolhardy?

7. Describe young Akira Kurosawa' daily schedule.

8. What was Forgotten Children, and how did it affect Kurosawa?

9. Why does Akira Kurosawa not understand the concept of hometowns?

10. What importance does Kurosawa place on mentors in Honor and Revere?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about Akira Kurosawa's sense of national identity. What does he state to the reader directly about being a child of the world? What issues did Kurosawa have with Japan during the War, and how did he subtly deny his homeland? Discuss the shift that happens in Kurosawa's attitude when Japan loses the War. What new outlook regarding his home country develops? How does this manifest itself in his interests in art and culture?

Essay Topic 2

Akira Kurosawa ends his autobiography with the success of Rashomon, leaving out the following 35 years. Write an essay discussing Kurosawa's choice to end his book at this point. How does this decision create a tight narrative? What story is the author telling, if he is not telling his complete life story? To what extent is this book only the first chapter of Kurosawa's life, the period leading to his break into international stardom?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about the relationship between Uekusa and Akira Kurosawa in the book. To what extent does Akira represent the intellect and Uekusa the heart? What romantic and foolhardy exploits does Uekusa undertake at a young age? Does he succeed in any of them? How does Akira deal with girls and danger at this same age? What professional relationship develops between these two men later?

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