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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What changed for young Akira after the event of A Long Red Brick Wall?
(a) He always went to school with Uekusa.
(b) He walked to school.
(c) He never rode the train at rush hour.
(d) Nothing changed.

2. What was the source of explosions that intermittently went off in the wake of September 1, 1923's catastrophe?
(a) A burst gas mane.
(b) A fireworks stand.
(c) An armory.
(d) A bombing raid.

3. Who is the sapling of the chapter title in this section?
(a) Akira Kurosawa.
(b) Akira's brother.
(c) Uekusa.
(d) Hirohito.

4. In The Gleam of Fireflies, what grade was young Akira graduating from?
(a) Fifth.
(b) Nineth.
(c) Twelfth.
(d) First.

5. What new aspect of the curriculum was added to Akira's life in fifth grade?
(a) Foreign landguages.
(b) Shakespeare.
(c) Culinary arts.
(d) Military training.

6. What violent event occurred in Akira Kurosawa's first memory?
(a) He was slapped by his mother.
(b) He fell off a table.
(c) He was born.
(d) An earthwuake happened.

7. In Crybaby, what honor was eventually given with the assistance of Mr. Tachikawa?
(a) Class President.
(b) Prom king.
(c) Represntative to the Imperial Coucil.
(d) Flag bearer.

8. The mean nickname the children gave Kurosawa at Morimura Gakuen implied that he had tears large as what?
(a) Gum drops.
(b) Icicles.
(c) Rice balls.
(d) Baseballs.

9. Reading his family tree, young Akira realize his ancestors included whom?
(a) Emperors.
(b) Ballistics experts.
(c) Great warriors.
(d) A famous imperial artist.

10. In Keika Middle School, what event did young Akira win at his school?
(a) The sprint.
(b) The shotput.
(c) The mini-marathon.
(d) The high jump.

11. What subject was Kurosawa's older brother in love with when he failed his final exam?
(a) Architecture.
(b) Calligraphy.
(c) Foreign literature.
(d) Kendo.

12. In Crybaby, how did Kurosawa's older brother try to toughen him up in preparation face bullies?
(a) He forced him to eat a worm.
(b) He pushes him into a river.
(c) He beats him up.
(d) He calls him bad names.

13. What did Akira decide to do regarding the two speeches he was given to read?
(a) He read the hated teacher's speech.
(b) He improvised at the podium.
(c) He declined to read any speech.
(d) He read the other speech.

14. What did Kurosawa's father insist he do if he is to take Kendo lessons?
(a) Get straight A's at school.
(b) Give up art lessons.
(c) Read Lao Tsu.
(d) Make daily offering at a temple.

15. With whom dis young Akira explore the destroyed city in A Horrifying Excursion?
(a) His father.
(b) His brother.
(c) Uekusa.
(d) Mr. Tachikawa.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was young Akira sent to Toyokawa Village?

2. To whom does Kurosawa compare teachers like Mr. Iwamatsu at the end of Honor and Revere?

3. What catastrophic event happened on September 1, 1923?

4. What was the result of Uekusa's telling the girl's father that he loved her in Murasaki and Shonagon?

5. Which ethnic group was hunted and killed in the darkness following September 1, 1923?

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