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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sections 33 through 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who became terrified when they happened upon the shoot of Sugata Sanshiro, Part II?
(a) A group of campers.
(b) A group of skiers.
(c) A group of elders.
(d) A women's society.

2. Where was Akira directing when Yamamoto Kajiro took ill and died?
(a) The United States.
(b) China.
(c) The Soviet Union.
(d) France.

3. What job in the movies did Kurosawa's brother take in the 1930's?
(a) Photographer.
(b) Set dresser.
(c) Assistant director.
(d) Narrator.

4. Where did Kurosawa choose to shoot the fight scene from Sugata Sanshiro?
(a) On the roof of his house.
(b) On a mountain.
(c) In a thick forested area.
(d) On a soundstage.

5. At the beginning of A Distant Village, Kurosawa says he considers himself what?
(a) A lifelong student.
(b) A child of the planet earth.
(c) A closet westerner.
(d) A perpetual actor.

Short Answer Questions

1. In The Gleam of Fireflies, who wrote a new speech to replace the one young Akira was given?

2. In An Alleyway in the Floating World, how did the little girl respond to Akira's rescuing her?

3. What adjective did the censors use to describe their problems with Sugata Sanshiro?

4. What was Fushimizu Shu's film specialty?

5. What does Kurosawa blame for the failure of Sugata Sanshiro, Part II?

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