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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sections 41 through 48.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which star's westerns does Kurosawa particularly recall enjoying in Storytellers?
(a) Clint Eastwood.
(b) Roy Rogers.
(c) William S. Hart.
(d) John Wayne.

2. What did Akira primarily worry about concerning being a part of the Proletariat Artists League?
(a) Looking like a weakling.
(b) Disgracing his family.
(c) Missing his appointments with Mr. Tachikawa.
(d) Sounding foolish in from of the other members.

3. Why was Akira Kurosawa initially rejected for military service?
(a) He was too weak.
(b) He had an education deferment.
(c) He was a left-wing protester.
(d) He was a home-front asset.

4. Why did Akira apply to PCL at 26?
(a) He discovered his girlfriend was pregnant.
(b) He incurred gambling debts.
(c) He wanted to learn the science behind film-making.
(d) He lost faith in his art.

5. What two virtues did Kurosawa's father attribute to movies in Babyhood?
(a) Entertaining and educational.
(b) Escapist and productive.
(c) Stimulating and patriotic.
(d) Commericial and artistic.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Uekusa and Akira base the antagonist of The Drunken Angel on?

2. How did the new art teacher at Kurosawa's school respond to his art work?

3. In what two subjects did young Akira fail his exams in this section?

4. How old was Kurosawa when he got married?

5. What enemy of Kurosawa's disappeared with the end of World War II?

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