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Lesson 1 (from Sections 1 through 4)


Akira Kurosawa begins his autobiography as early as a person can, by relating his earliest possible memory. This indicates that even simplest moment of a child's early life can reflect the man to come.

The objective of this lesson is to examine the importance of childhood in understanding the adult.


1. Divide the class into several groups and have each think of a recent popular biopic: Walk the Line, Ray, Malcolm X, Pollock, W., etc. How does the director go about examining the childhood of his or her subject? What connections does the director draw between this childhood and the drive that followed in adulthood? Does the group think this connection is an oversimplification of the way childhood experiences continue to drive us?

2. For class discussion: As a class, review the first passage of SOMETHING LIKE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. What does Kurosawa explain as the significance of...

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