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The Great Movies

Akira Kurosawa ends his autobiography just as he is entering his most prolific period of great films. Spend a class watching clips from some of these great works: Seven Samurai, High and Low, Yojimbo, Ikiru, Throne of Blood, Hidden Fortress, and Ran.

Editing a Film

Akira Kurosawa spends much of the latter part of his autobiography talking about the process of making movies. He says a film is made in the editing room, a common sentiment. Spend a period with the class and a Mac with Final Cut - the standard in editing software - discussing how a sequence can be altered with changes in the cut.

Japan in the Twentieth Century

Reading Akira Kurosawa's autobiography is like a personal journey through the first half of the twentieth century in Japan. Spend a class discussing what happened to japan in the twentieth century. Go beyond...

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