Something Like an Autobiography Character Descriptions

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Akira Kurosawa

This figure was rejected form military service during the war.

Yamamoto Kajiro

This figure often put his assistants' errors into the final edit of his films.

Akira Heigo

This figure committed suicide at just 27 years of age.

Akira's Father

This figure introduced his son to movies and sports.

Akira's Mother

This figure was known for being quiet, practical and unemotional.

Uekusa Keinosuke

This figure would charge at groups of bullies alone as a child.

Mr. Tachikawa

This figure saw two of his pupils' films in a cinema and was moved to tears.

Aunt Togashi

This figure died after eating roots.

Yaguchi Yoko

This figure met her husband on a film set.

Mifune Toshiro

This figure was nearly rejected as too violent by a film studio.

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