Something Like an Autobiography Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Sections 1 through 4

• Kurosawa was thought to be mentally challenged and mocked by teacher and students as a student.
• Kurosawa's brother taught him to stand up for himself.
• Kurosawa found a kindred soul and mentor in Uekusa Keinosuke and Mr. Tachikawa, respectively.
• Kurosawa's older brother failed to get into middle school.

• Kurosawa's favorite sister died at a young age.

Sections 5 through 8

• Kurosawa had to balance kendo, calligraphy, and private lessons with Mr. Tachikawa.
• Kurosawa fended off a group of ruffians, employing his kendo skills.
• Uekusa and young Akira thought of themselves as great knights.
• Uekusa proved to be both foolhardy and romantic.

Sections 9 through 16

• Kurosawa went to movies and master storytellers with his father.
• Kurosawa was humbled upon entering Keika Middle School.
• Kurosawa felt like a coward for reading his hated-teacher's self-congratulatory speech at graduation.
• The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 showed Kurosawa the horrors both nature and humanity are...

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