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Emily Giffin
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT on her list?

2. In what restaurant do the two couples have their first double date?

3. Where did Ethan and Darcy take the twins on walks every day?

4. Darcy's breakup speech reminds her of what ex-boyfriend?

5. What is the name of Darcy's doctor?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Darcy ask Ethan for a night out with him and to meet his friends?

2. How does Ethan propose to Darcy?

3. Darcy notices a woman at the Muffin Man that she dubs "Madeline." Who is this woman?

4. Why do Ethan and Darcy take a cultural tour of London?

5. What is Darcy's reaction to Ethan's lecture the previous night?

6. What is Ethan's reaction to the news of Darcy and Geoffrey's breakup?

7. The two couples have several tense moments during dinner. Why?

8. Following dinner, what do Ethan and Darcy fight about?

9. What does the little square of blue paper that Ethan gives to Darcy mean?

10. How does Darcy feel about attending Meg's dinner party?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Marcus tells Darcy that he doesn't want to be with her anymore. Find examples of Darcy's behavior that would make her difficult to be with. As a reader, were you surprised that Marcus broke up with Darcy? Were there specific scenes that foreshadowed their breakup?

Essay Topic 2

After the boys are born, their names come to Darcy's mind and she names them after Ethan. Ethan is touched. Why is the naming of someone after you such a high honor or hold such meaning?

Essay Topic 3

Darcy goes on a mission to become "a better person." She attempts to get a job at a nursing home, not because she wants to or is good with the elderly, but because she thinks it will benefit her. If that is Darcy's goal, is she truly doing a good deed? Discuss whether or not you think altruism exists and cite examples to support your claim.

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