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Emily Giffin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What store did the present that Darcy's coworkers got for her come from?
(a) Williams Sonoma
(b) Pottery Barn
(c) Saks
(d) Tiffany's

2. Where does Ethan go to do his writing?
(a) The park
(b) His bedroom
(c) Cafes
(d) Library

3. What favorite sports team cup of Marcus' does Darcy ruin?
(a) Cowboys
(b) Broncos
(c) Raiders
(d) Jets

4. Darcy's mom tries to make peace by offering to do what chore?
(a) Drawing a bath
(b) Washing the car
(c) Cooking breakfast
(d) Laundry

5. Darcy tries to surprise Marcus by showing up at his apartment wearing nothing but...
(a) a pair of heels
(b) a smile
(c) diamond jewelry
(d) handcuffs

6. Which of the following is a characteristic of Darcy's birth?
(a) She was born with no hair
(b) Her mother refused drugs
(c) Her mother was in labor for 72 hours
(d) She was born by Cesarean Section

7. What food tradition does Darcy expect on her birthday?
(a) Pancake breakfast
(b) Ice cream cake
(c) Pillsbury sticky buns with pink candles
(d) Champagne and caviar

8. What is Marcus' gift to Darcy
(a) Sex
(b) An engagement ring
(c) Jimmy Choos
(d) Elsa Peretti bean earrings

9. Where did Darcy grow up?
(a) Washington DC
(b) Indianapolis
(c) New York
(d) London

10. What is Darcy's expected due date?
(a) June 20th
(b) Oct 31st
(c) May 2nd
(d) Jan 1st

11. After calling off the wedding, what does Darcy do for the first time?
(a) Gossips with her coworkers
(b) Contacts a therapist
(c) Spends the night at Marcus' apartment
(d) Eats a cookie

12. What is Claire's reaction to Darcy's pregnancy?
(a) She ignores Darcy's confession
(b) She downs her drink and then leaves
(c) She is concerned, but excited to share baby duty
(d) She is ecstatic and offers to go baby shopping

13. Darcy wants Marcus to do what with her on the weekend?
(a) Go to a prenatal visit
(b) Buy baby furniture
(c) Visit her parents
(d) Look for apartments together

14. Before being kicked out, what does Dex say?
(a) He hates Darcy
(b) He wishes Darcy well
(c) He is leaving NYC
(d) He hopes she gets back together with Marcus

15. What does Darcy see in her old childhood room that makes her cry?
(a) Beauty pageant ribbons
(b) Old pictures
(c) Cheerleader trophies
(d) Baby dolls

Short Answer Questions

1. How many days does Darcy wallow in her apartment?

2. Marcus is Groomsman # ___.

3. Where does Darcy find her ex-fiance hiding?

4. Claire moves in with who instead?

5. Darcy decides she wants to get married to Marcus in what way?

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