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Emily Giffin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What unexpected item does Darcy see on Rachel's nightstand?
(a) A glass of wine
(b) Prenatal vitamins
(c) Dex's custom Rolex
(d) An overturned picture frame

2. What kind of ruler did Darcy consider herself growing up?
(a) Democratic
(b) Mean-spirited
(c) Benevolent
(d) Authoritative

3. Where does Darcy spend the night on what would have been her wedding night?
(a) A bar
(b) Her parents'
(c) The office
(d) Marcus' apartment

4. What does Darcy find out one week before the wedding?
(a) Dex is homosexual
(b) Marcus has a half-sister
(c) She is pregnant with Marcus' baby
(d) Rachel is moving to England

5. Where does Darcy find her ex-fiance hiding?
(a) Under the bed
(b) In the closet
(c) On the fire escape
(d) In the bathroom

Short Answer Questions

1. After calling off the wedding, what does Darcy do for the first time?

2. Who takes on the role of Darcy's new best friend?

3. Darcy's doctor pauses before answering a question. Darcy concludes her doctor must have...

4. Darcy begins to wonder if she should marry Dex after what incident?

5. Marcus is Groomsman # ___.

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