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Emily Giffin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Darcy manipulate Marcus into attending?
(a) Her first prenatal visit
(b) A bridal show
(c) Crate and Barrel
(d) Yoga class

2. Darcy tries to surprise Marcus by showing up at his apartment wearing nothing but...
(a) diamond jewelry
(b) a pair of heels
(c) handcuffs
(d) a smile

3. Who takes on the role of Darcy's new best friend?
(a) Charlotte
(b) Jennifer
(c) Megan
(d) Claire

4. Darcy begins to wonder if she should marry Dex after what incident?
(a) Her and Dex stop having sex
(b) She has a fight with Rachel
(c) She leaves her engagement ring at Marcus' apartment
(d) Dex starts talking about having kids

5. What do Marcus and Darcy do after their first fight?
(a) They stop talking to each other
(b) They list all the things they love about each other
(c) They go out for a fancy dinner
(d) They have unprotected sex

Short Answer Questions

1. What favorite sports team cup of Marcus' does Darcy ruin?

2. What is Marcus' advice to Darcy about what to say to her coworkers about the wedding?

3. Darcy's doctor pauses before answering a question. Darcy concludes her doctor must have...

4. Darcy regrets her choice of doctor because...

5. What is the significance of Darcy's due date?

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