Daily Lessons for Teaching Something Blue

Emily Giffin
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue | Chapter 1)


Darcy lives a charmed life and grows up valuing looks and social status over intelligence and hard work. Her parents, particularly her mother, continue to reinforce these values. This lesson will discuss the influence of one's upbringing on their values and interests.


1. Split into small groups and discuss how Darcy's past history can explain her current behavior and attitudes.

2. As a class, discuss whether knowing someone's history should influence how that person is judged. For example, can Darcy's infidelity be excused because she was used to always getting what she wanted?

3. Darcy's friend Rachel encouraged Darcy to think about karma and whether she should behave in such a manner. Why do you think Darcy didn't heed her advice? Do you think this is an instance of blood being thicker than water?

4. Homework: Students are to list their interests on a sheet of paper and ask...

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