Something Blue Character Descriptions

Emily Giffin
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Darcy Rhone

The main character and narrator of the novel; she is a beautiful woman who uses her physical attributes to gain popularity and success.

Ethan Ainsley

He is the protagonist's first boyfriend and, over the years remained closer to the protagonist's best friend.


The groom's fifth groomsman (a former college roommate) who moves to New York and intrigues the protagonist by attracting the interest of beautiful, elite women.


A successful doctor living in London who is divorced and shares custody of his four -year-old son.


The protagonist's best friend since childhood; although not as conventionally beautiful, she is mature and studious.

Dex Thaler

The protagonist's former fiance, whom she had dated for seven years.


She is one of the women the protagonist befriends on her first day of change when she is sitting in a cafe with her baby daughter.


A new...

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