Something Blue Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Emily Giffin
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Prologue | Chapter 1

• Darcy, the main character, is introduced as being beautiful from birth.

• At the start of the book, Darcy has lived her entire life valuing popularity, status and attractiveness, thinking that these assets will get her everything she wants.

• Darcy goes to her best friend Rachel's house to tell her that her engagement to Dexter is off.

• Darcy confesses that she has been having an affair with Marcus, one of Dexter's groomsmen, and is pregnant with his baby

• Darcy discovers that Dexter has been hiding in Rachel's closet during her entire confession.

• Darcy writes them both off and flees.

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

• Darcy replays her sob story to anyone who will listen on her way to Marcus' studio.

• Darcy vents to Marcus, but he does not seem to understand that she has done nothing wrong and that Rachel and Dexter betrayed her.

• Darcy makes childish plans for revenge...

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