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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens in this chapter that allows Halley to be released from her punishment?
(a) A visit with her grandmother.
(b) Scarlett's doctor's appointment.
(c) A date with Noah.
(d) An injury to one of Halley's relatives.

2. What does the doctor say when Scarlett asks how much it will hurt to give birth?
(a) That no one can predict that.
(b) That it will be very painful, but worth it.
(c) That it depends on what course she chooses.
(d) That it depends on her level of strength.

3. What does Halley hear her father telling her mother as she falls asleep?
(a) To let Macon alone.
(b) To hug her daughter.
(c) To stop crying.
(d) To let it go.

4. Why does Halley's heart feel like it is stopping when Macon is kissing her in the kitchen?
(a) She sees Scarlett coming over to her house.
(b) She hears her father's voice.
(c) She hears her mother's voice.
(d) She sees Scarlett's mother watching them.

5. Why does Halley's mother come to see her at work?
(a) To tell her that Scarlett is not feeling well.
(b) To tell her about her grandmother.
(c) To tell her she cannot see Macon anymore.
(d) To tell her she will pick her up after work.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Macon try to do that Halley stops him from doing?

2. Why does Halley think Marion has given up on her plans for Scarlett to give the baby up for adoption?

3. How does Halley feel about Scarlett's handling of the pregnancy?

4. Who does Scarlett write to telling them about the baby?

5. What does Halley hear right before she becomes unconscious?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Halley respond when her mother tells her that she is glad she broke up with Macon and how does she feel about her response?

2. What happens when Halley and Macon are lying on the bed together and he is getting ready to have sex with her?

3. How does Halley spend the week after the accident and how does she feel about Macon?

4. Why can't Halley sleep and what does she hope to discover about Macon?

5. Why does Halley go with Scarlett to the doctors?

6. How is Scarlett kept really busy?

7. What worries Halley's mother about Macon and what does Halley think about how her mother approaches this subject?

8. What happens when Halley asks Macon who Rhetta is and what excuse does he give her for not being able to tell her where he has been or will be?

9. How does Halley want to spend New Years Eve and how does her mother want her to spend it? Who wins?

10. What does Halley want to do before her mother heads off to visit her grandmother and what actually happens?

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