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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What new information about herself did Marion reveal to Scarlett during the fight?
(a) That she had an abortion.
(b) That she won't help Scarlett with a child.
(c) That Scarlett should be smarter than she was.
(d) That she regrets Scarlett.

2. Where does Halley's mother go when she leaves the house?
(a) To talk with Halley's father.
(b) To the Vaughn's house.
(c) To Scarlett's house.
(d) To go and look for Macon.

3. What does Halley find out that Macon had stolen a copy of?
(a) The picture of Halley at the Grand Canyon.
(b) A copy of Halley's favorite book.
(c) A picture of Michael and Scarlett.
(d) A pregnancy book like Scarlett's.

4. Why does Scarlett's mother refuse to accompany her daughter to the funeral?
(a) Funerals freak her out.
(b) No other adults will be there.
(c) She cannot get off of work.
(d) She did not approve of their relationship.

5. What happens when Halley goes to tell Scarlett about what she's been warned about in regards to Macon?
(a) Scarlett yells at Halley.
(b) Scarlett tells her she already warned her.
(c) Scarlett ignores Halley and walks away from hr.
(d) Scarlett runs out of the room.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Halley believe Scarlett gets a sad expression when she talks to her about Macon?

2. How does Halley's mother seem to feel learning things about her daughter from others?

3. Why does Halley think she escapes the brunt of her mother's anger?

4. What does Scarlett tell Halley about Macon?

5. How does Halley feel after she hears Scarlett's news?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Halley go with Scarlett to the doctors?

2. How does Halley feel about Marion and how does she describe Marion?

3. Why does Halley avoid looking at her mother's face?

4. What does Scarlett begin to notice about Steve?

5. What does Scarlett tell Halley about her feelings in regards to her mother's conversation with Scarlett's mother?

6. How does Halley respond when her mother tells her that she is glad she broke up with Macon and how does she feel about her response?

7. What does Halley's mother bring her as a peace offering from her father?

8. What is Halley's punishment for skipping school with Scarlett and Macon?

9. What do Scarlett and Halley do before they head into school in the mornings?

10. What happens to Halley's grandmother?

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