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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Halley believe Scarlett gets a sad expression when she talks to her about Macon?
(a) Because she is jealous.
(b) Because it reminds her of Michael.
(c) Because she has a crush on Michael.
(d) Because she doesn't have anyone to like.

2. Why does Halley forgive Scarlett for the amount of time she spends with Michael and not with her?
(a) Because her mother doesn't want her to spend time with Scarlett.
(b) Because Michael is so nice to Scarlett.
(c) Because Scarlett seems so happy.
(d) Because Halley has other things to occupy her as well.

3. What happens in regards to Scarlett after lunch?
(a) No one will talk to her.
(b) Scarlett skips the rest of her classes.
(c) Everyone stares at her stomach.
(d) She is called to the office.

4. What seems to be the problem with mowing Halley's family's lawn?
(a) A broken lawnmower.
(b) No riding lawnmower.
(c) It is on a steep hill.
(d) Hidden tree stumps.

5. What did Halley check for that turned out to be wrong?
(a) Halley checked for Macon.
(b) Halley checked for Scarlett's book.
(c) Halley checked for anyone else in the bathroom.
(d) Halley checked for Marion.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following characters is described as being wild?

2. Why does Halley say that she will never have to be on her own?

3. Why does Halley feel like a fool at the party?

4. Which of the following descriptors best describes how Halley feels when she gets out of Macon's car?

5. Why does Scarlett says that having the baby is hard?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Halley feel about introducing Macon to her mother and why does she feel this way?

2. What does Halley think about things between her and Macon since they went to the dam together?

3. How does Marion react to Scarlett's news that she is pregnant?

4. What happens when Macon comes to visit Halley at the market where she works?

5. Why does Halley know that she must leave the camp immediately and agree to head for home when Scarlett calls?

6. How does Halley feel about Marion and how does she describe Marion?

7. What does Scarlett say happened during the fight that she and Marion had when Scarlett told her that she was pregnant?

8. How does Halley feel about going to camp and leaving the camp in relation to how she thinks her mother will view the same events?

9. How does Halley react to Scarlett's news that she is pregnant and what does Scarlett tell Halley about the baby?

10. How does Scarlett's relationship with Michael begin and develop?

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