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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Halley's mother think Halley did in regard to Macon?
(a) Broke up with him.
(b) Told him to straighten up.
(c) Met with his parents.
(d) Had her father meet with him.

2. What does Halley learn about her grandmother?
(a) That she lied to her about the comet.
(b) That she was in love with an Indian boy.
(c) That she was married more than once.
(d) That she was not honest with her mother.

3. Why doesn't Halley even try to picture Macon?
(a) Because he is dead.
(b) Because he abandoned her at the scene.
(c) Because her mother forbade her to.
(d) Because she says it hurts.

4. What was odd about Thanksgiving at Scarlett's house?
(a) Steve wore a tunic.
(b) They did not celebrate the holiday.
(c) Scarlett spent the night in her room.
(d) Marion ordered take out.

5. What does the doctor say when Scarlett asks how much it will hurt to give birth?
(a) That it depends on her level of strength.
(b) That no one can predict that.
(c) That it will be very painful, but worth it.
(d) That it depends on what course she chooses.

6. What does Macon try to do that Halley stops him from doing?
(a) Walk around the block.
(b) Put his hands in her pants.
(c) Go to his house with him.
(d) Go to her bedroom.

7. What is the one thing Scarlett will not read about pregnancy?
(a) Pamphlets about exercise.
(b) Pamphlets about fathers.
(c) Pamphlets about adoption.
(d) Pamphlets about giving birth.

8. How does Halley describe her meetings with Macon toward the end of this chapter?
(a) A source of ongoing frustration.
(b) A distant disgrace.
(c) A constant temptation.
(d) A battle for territory.

9. What does Halley's mother tell her she will understand one day?
(a) Why she had to come back to Buffalo.
(b) Why they must talk more.
(c) Why she forbade her from seeing Macon.
(d) Why she loves her so much.

10. What does Scarlett tell Halley she must consider about having sex with Macon?
(a) That he will be gone afterwards.
(b) That he does not love her.
(c) That she could get pregnant.
(d) That he has done this before.

11. What does Halley hear right before she becomes unconscious?
(a) Something loud and big hitting her door.
(b) Scarlett's calls for help.
(c) Macon calling her name.
(d) Her mother's words echoing in her mind.

12. Who does Scarlett write to telling them about the baby?
(a) Michael in heaven.
(b) Michael's parents.
(c) Her mother.
(d) Her grandparents.

13. What is Steve wearing that is odd when Halley sees him going into Marion's house?
(a) Warrior boots.
(b) Warrior clothes.
(c) Warrior necklace.
(d) Warrior sword.

14. What does Halley think about whenever Macon pushes her toward having sex?
(a) Of Scarlett's situation.
(b) Of what her mother said.
(c) That he has done this before.
(d) Of what would happen if she got caught.

15. How does Halley feel when her mother tells her she was too little to remember sitting on her grandmother's lap watching the comet?
(a) She feels as if everyone is against her.
(b) She feels as if her mother is taking everything from her.
(c) She feels as if her memories are clouded.
(d) She feels as if nothing she knows to be true is true.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Halley been able to avoid a decision about Macon?

2. What does Scarlett say that she is worried about Halley doing?

3. What strikes Halley about her grandmother when she arrives in Buffalo to visit her?

4. Who does Halley defend to Elizabeth?

5. What does Scarlett tell Halley that people like them do not do?

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