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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Halley think she escapes the brunt of her mother's anger?
(a) Because she isn't pregnant like Scarlett.
(b) Because she stayed in her room the whole time.
(c) Because her father intervened.
(d) Because her mother is tired of fighting.

2. Why does Halley go to see the counselor on the first day of school?
(a) She is in trouble.
(b) She wants to get help for Scarlett.
(c) She wants to spy on Macon.
(d) Her schedule is all wrong.

3. What promise did Ginny break?
(a) Leaving Halley and Scarlett alone.
(b) Telling everyone to stay out of the bathroom.
(c) Not to tell anyone about Scarlett's baby.
(d) Not to tell anyone that Halley was dating Macon.

4. What does Macon try to do that Halley stops him from doing?
(a) Go to his house with him.
(b) Walk around the block.
(c) Go to her bedroom.
(d) Put his hands in her pants.

5. What does Scarlett tell Halley when they meet at the soda machines?
(a) That her schedule is ridiculous.
(b) To stay away from Macon.
(c) That she is feeling sick.
(d) That she can't stay at school.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following characters is described as being boring?

2. What does Halley do as she rushes home for her curfew?

3. What does Halley say to her mother that makes her mother react as if she has been slapped?

4. Why is there an uneasy silence at Halley's home when she gets there?

5. What does Halley think about whenever Macon pushes her toward having sex?

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