Objects & Places from Someone Like You

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This is the neighborhood that Halley and Scarlett grow up in.

Camp Believe

This is where Halley's mom forces her to go the summer before her junior year in high school.

Brain Freeze Chocolate Milkshakes

Halley's father always brings this as a peace offering.

Milton's Market

This is the grocery store at the mall.

The Grand Canyon Road Trip

This serves as a landmark event in the book during the transition between old Halley and new Halley.


These become a symbol of love in the novel.


This is where Halley's dad works in the mornings.


This is the third-period class that Halley and Macon share.

The Beast

This is a lawnmower.

Jolly Ranchers

Macon always slips this into Halley's back pocket.


This is an Italian restaurant.

Topper Lake

This is where Macon takes Halley on her sixteenth birthday.

Halley's Comet

Halley and...

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