Objects & Places from Someone Knows My Name

Lawrence Hill
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This is the name of the village in Africa where Aminata Diallo was born and raised until the age of eleven.


This is the city where Meena has come to help the abolitionist cause, and where she initially stays at the home of John Clarkson.


This is the village that Chekura was born and grew up in before he was sold into slavery.

Sullivan Island

This is the location where Meena and the African slaves are first brought in the New World. They remain in this area for several weeks before rowing to the mainland, where the slaves are auctioned.

Charles Town

This city in the colony of South Carolina is where Meena is brought with the other African slaves and sold at auction.

St. Helena Island

This location is where Robinson Appleby's indigo plantation is located.

New York

This is the location where Meena...

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