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Torey Hayden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives to hear about Edna's complaint about Torey?
(a) Mr. Sjokheim.
(b) Boo's mother.
(c) Joc.
(d) Birk.

2. What does Birk urge Torey to do?
(a) Trust the parents to do the best thing for their child.
(b) Accept that she can't help every child.
(c) Trust in others to care for her students.
(d) Learn to enjoy her classes instead of worrying about them.

3. What does Libby ask Torey?
(a) If Lori will pass first grade.
(b) If Lori will ever be smart.
(c) If Lori will come back to school.
(d) If Lori is retarded.

4. What happens when Boo says a word correctly?
(a) Everyone is astounded.
(b) Boo smiles at his new word.
(c) Boo is given a sticker.
(d) Everyone is confused.

5. Because Lori is enrolled in Edna's class, what right does Edna have?
(a) Treat Lori how she wants.
(b) Choose the discipline she wants to give Lori.
(c) Choosing Lori's curriculum.
(d) Making Lori finish her homework when she wants her to.

6. When a student is absent from Torey's class, who does Boo want to sit with him while he studies?
(a) Torey.
(b) Lori.
(c) Claudia.
(d) Thomaso.

7. What does an acquaintance of Torey's say starting a support group for pregnant kids will cause?
(a) An outcry.
(b) Important information.
(c) Removal of children from Torey's classroom.
(d) Removal of Torey from the school.

8. What book does Torey use to help teach Lori to read?
(a) Dick and Jane.
(b) Clifford the Big Red Dog.
(c) Matilda.
(d) See Spot Run.

9. What does Torey inform Birk about Lori?
(a) She will probably never be able to pass first grade.
(b) She will never be able to spell.
(c) She will probably never be able to read.
(d) She will never be able to write.

10. What does Libby say should happen to Edna?
(a) She should be fired and sent away.
(b) She should be trampled by elephants.
(c) She should be slapped.
(d) She should be run over with a car.

11. What honor does Claudia graduate with?
(a) Regional essay contest winner.
(b) Valedictorian.
(c) Class President.
(d) State art contest winner.

12. Where does Lori hide when she is upset?
(a) In the closet.
(b) Under the reading table.
(c) Under the art supply shelf.
(d) Under Torey's desk.

13. What does Boom urge Torey to do?
(a) Teach art classes.
(b) Move to special ed classes.
(c) Teach high school students.
(d) Get out of the resource room.

14. When Lori comes out of hiding, what does she tell Torey she did?
(a) Hit another child.
(b) Bit Edna.
(c) Wet her pants.
(d) Drew on the wall.

15. At the end of the school year, what does Torey teach Lori in order to give Lori the gift of success?
(a) Pre-reading activities.
(b) Spelling activities.
(c) How to put on her socks and shoes.
(d) Toilet training.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who misses school, causing everyone to become upset?

2. What does Lori do when she is forced to go to school?

3. What does Lori realize about herself?

4. What does Birk say about Torey's teaching methods?

5. When Thomaso sees his birthday present, what is his first reaction?

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