Daily Lessons for Teaching Somebody Else's Kids

Torey Hayden
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters One through Three)


Chapters One through Three

The first child to join Torey's classroom is Boo. He is to be in Torey's class every afternoon and is said to probably be autistic. The objective of this lesson will be to learn about autism and the behavioral traits it caused Boo to have.


1) Class Discussion: When Boo first arrives in Torey's class, readers get the first understanding of Boo's behavior. When Boo first arrives in Torey's class what does he do? What do the other children think of Boo? Why does Boo run away from Torey?

2) Partner Discussion: Before Boo comes to Torey's class, she is informed about his behavior as well as the possibility of having Autism. What does Torey do when she hears Boo will be placed in her room? What is Boo said to have been doing in his regular kindergarten class? Why does Torey clear...

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