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Torey Hayden
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Essay Topic 1

Compare Edna's attitude towards special needs children versus Torey's. In what ways does Edna speak poorly of the students in Torey's class? Why doesn't Torey speak up to Edna when she disagrees with her teaching methods? Does Edna treat any of the other children in the school poorly? Is her discipline focused on Lori and special needs children only?

Essay Topic 2

When Torey meets Boo, she says she is "probably" autistic instead of stating that Boo "is" autistic. What behavioral patterns, etc. does Boo portray that would cause Torey to think he is autistic?

Essay Topic 3

In the story, Torey talks about her relationship with Joc. Discuss the relationship. Does Joc support Torey's career? What does Torey see happening with her and Joc's relationship? Cite examples from the story to support your answers.

Essay Topic 4

In Chapter 5, Lori goes into a trance. Explain what caused this...

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